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Thread: Hi everybody. I have a 1959 CJ5 that I'm working on.

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    Hi everybody. I have a 1959 CJ5 that I'm working on.

    Glad to be in the forum with all of you.
    My CJ5 was a sort of barn find. My brother in Colorado was helping to clean out a garage and yard when he found it. It has almost no rust on it at all, and what rust there is is only on the surface.
    A previous owner switched the motor to a Dauntless V6, and never finished the project.
    I bought it in 2019, and it sat at my brother's house in Longmont until the pandemic gave us a chance to go pick it up, and bring it home to Southeast Michigan. It sat in my barn until July/2022 when I finally found time to start working on it.
    As of now, it starts, runs, and drives, but only around my property, not quite roadworthy yet.
    I put all new wheel cylinders and master cylinder on it. The brake linings looked like they were changed, but never used.
    It has a long way to go, but I'm hoping to have it at least on the road this coming spring (2023).
    I'll be looking for low back seats for it, and it needs the covers that go over the shifters. Found reasonable seats here on Kaiser Willys, but I'm having trouble finding the covers, so if anyone knows of a good place to find them, I'd be interested.
    It came with a fair amount of extra parts. a couple fiberglass fenders, one steel one, a set of 14 inch steel wheels, a steel hard top with doors, but no side panels. I'm thinking of selling those off, but waiting until I have the jeep finished up before I sell anything.
    Right now, I'm looking for lower windshield hinges, hood hinges, and tailgate hinges since none of them were with the Jeep.
    I'm interested in any advice from anyone who knows about Jeeps. This is my second CJ5. The first one was a 1979, and I bought it in 1985. It had a small block Chevy 400 in it.

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    Sounds like a great project Joe!The parts for your 59 are available. Your shifter covers are at KW . The hinges are also available from KW.

    Good luck with it and show us some pictures of your find!

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