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Thread: Having trouble separating T90 from 6-226

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    Having trouble separating T90 from 6-226

    I Removed the transfer case and have the trans in first and 3rd to lock the shaft along with the wire to retain it. The clutch linkage is disconnected. I have the motor supported with a Jack and the trans supported with a trans Jack. I was able to remove the the crossmember support and lower the motor and trans a little. I then removed the four bolts on the T90 from the engine. I tried to pull the trans back but did not come loose. I smacked the T90 and bellhousing with a dead blow hammer with no luck. I can spin the T90 left and right so I know there are no bolts I missed. I can manually engage the throw out bearing and release it. There is a bolt on the bottom center of the clutch release fork that I havent taken off. Im not sure what to do next.
    This is 1960 Willys Wagon. It was running 5 years ago and has been in storage since. No problem when I put it away. Retired and have just been going through it and replacing, rebuilding as I go.

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    It sounds to me like the alignment is off and creating a bind on the shaft.
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    Can you get the trans wiggling from left to right by pushing at the rear of the transfer case? If you can get a screw driver blade between the bell and the Trans right at the case, you might be able to gently pry it a little to get it moving. Once it goes it might jump. Be careful! It sounds like the input shaft of the transmission is stuck on the clutch disc splines. This does happen frequently on vehicles that have set for a while. Is there an inspection cover in the floor board of the wagon to access the transmission and bell housing? If there is remove the inspection cover on the bell housing top and see if you can move the input shaft at all. Let me know how it goes. Smacking the bell probably isn't going to do it if it is stuck real good. There are some more aggressive ways.

    As Jeff is pointing out, if there is a lot of weight on the input shaft of the trans, it will get stuck. you need to be sure you have the "weight off" the input shaft.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I have a friend who is going to give me a hand. I've bolted it back together to make sure it's aligned and start over with his help to make sure it does not get in a bind when I unfold it. It was running and shifting ok when put it storage so worst case I'll just bolt it back up and when I get it running again then do this all over. I think is just been sitting for 5 years in Fl with a lot of humidity. I'll send out an update if we are successful this weekend.

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