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Thread: Recommendation for machine shop/repair shop near Shakopee Minnesota

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    Recommendation for machine shop/repair shop near Shakopee Minnesota

    Hi all,
    Wondering if someone can recommend a machine shop/repair show that would work on Willy's stuff.

    Right now, looking at some basic stuff like 1) Clean up and mill head, 2) broken bolt extraction, 3) stud extraction, 4) magnaflux cylinder head.

    The machine shop I deal with for my motorcycles only does motorcycle and snowmobile stuff.

    If it would be nice to locate a local shop to rely on, so I am looking for recommendations in my area (Shakopee, Minnesota)

    Thanks, John

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    You may just have to drive around and visit them. I googled "automotive machine shop near Shakopee, Minnesota" and there are a few in your area. Maybe someone on the forum has experience with one near you.

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    I used to live in Big Lake, MN. I had fairly great luck with the NAPA in Buffalo MN. It would be worth a call to see if they are still doing customer work, (it's been 18 years since I've used them last). As Bmorgil said, make you a list of locals, and visit to see what they say. Most shops will be happy to show off what they can do. Then take that info and bounce it off the interwebs to see if the public have the same opinion of the shop.

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