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Thread: Correct Axle Carrier Bearing Cap Torque

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    Correct Axle Carrier Bearing Cap Torque

    Several have bumped into the "ambiguous torque spec" of the carrier bearing cap bolts in the Dana Jeep axles. There are wrong specifications as well as missing specifications. It is important to note in the early years of automotive production, the Original Equipment Manufacture took total responsibility for their service manuals. The vendors supplying the parts would supply the technical expertise and the O.E. would work out the publishing in their manual. Through the years the reprinting and what not, appears to have produced some vague and sometimes wrong info. It seems the model 44 torque specification shows up for everything! There is no sealer used on the Dana 30 and 44 axles. The carrier cap bolts are installed dry. The sealer note in the service manual pertains to the rear Model 41 and 25 carrier bearing bolts that go through the case.

    Here is what I have from my days in Tech Service, archive. This information would have come from the original engineering notes.

    Here is what it should be:

    The bolts on the 30 and 44 axles are installed dry, no oil. Do not use sealer.

    Early Military Dana 25 Model 39 - 42 Ft.Lbs
    Dana 25/27 Jeep Models 45 - 50 Ft.Lbs
    Dana 30 Model 55 - 60 Ft.Lbs.
    Dana 44 Model 70 - 90 Ft.Lbs.
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