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Thread: Veteran's Day 2022

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    Veteran's Day 2022

    Veteran's Day is the day on which we honor all those who served in the Armed Forces. It is not the day on which we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, that is Memorial Day - but we remember them on Veteran's Day as well.

    Here on the KWAS Forum, when we remember veterans, USMC veteran Ira Jones, known by his forum name of "Pelago", is one of the most memorable.

    In the three year saga of his restoration of this M38A1 "Magoo", we came to know Ira as closely as probably anyone outside his family did.

    Check out his story at:


    RIP Old Friend. Semper Fi

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    Thank you to all our Veterans both present and passed on. Goodnight Ira, wherever you are. Semper Fi.

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    Well said Larry. It takes a very special person to do what you and every Veteran has done. To fight or be ready to fight, possibly to the death, for the freedom of others is the ultimate gift to your fellow man. I thank you all! HooYah Senior Chief!

    Thank God we had Ira for a while. What a memory to live on in us.
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    God Bless all our Veterans on this Day, Thank You all both past and present for your duty!!!

    Very Well said about Ira!!!
    There is no doubt He was a Legend in his time and as far as that goes, in Ours as well!!!

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