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    Ham's '48: Twinkle Twinkle Little Truck ...

    Well, it started out kind of low key; “Honey, they are going to have a Parade of Lights the Friday after Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it be neat to light up the Old Truck”. I think you see where this is heading already.

    I made some sort of half-hearted excuse about not knowing how to do something like that, but then – the Man Challenge Flag was thrown; “Well didn’t that guy down in Alabama (she didn’t remember GMWillys by his nickname) put lights on his cute little old Jeep in a parade last year? Maybe you should ask him how he did it?” Ask for help - NEVER!

    Well, thanks to Amazon Prime, it didn’t take but a couple of days and we had the makings of a mobile light show. Now the ’48 doesn’t have the 110-volt power plugs the new Jeeps have, so we were limited to battery power – so we decided to use little twinkle lights to accentuate the classic lines of the Old Jeep with a splash of color from a set of net lights to add flair to the display. Oh, it also had stars on the doors, reindeer horns on the windows and a red nose too.

    When it was done, using most of a roll of paint tape to stick the lights to the truck, my wife declared; ”It’s really tacky in a nice way.” Now, just what does that mean? So, I showed up at the parade – there was a conflict with another family function and no one else was able to come- they might not have wanted to be seen with the display.

    I asked the guy organizing the parade where he wanted me. Now, this guy is one of the neighborhood kids who knew the truck in its mid-70’s second lifetime and he replied; “Right up front, just behind the police car leading the route”. So there I was, out in front again.

    It was a typical small town event with fire engines, horses draped with lights, and other tacky vehicles with blow-up Santas, Elves and Grinches. Guys, I have to admit that it gives you an ego boost to hear; “Nice Jeep Truck” or to hear a Dad tell a little kid’ “Look, it’s an old Jeep Truck”. The new Jeeps with their gaudy LED lights were at the back … I guess they didn’t want them to detract from the classic look of the Old Jeep.

    It was a fun event – but I’m not sure the ’48 will ever be able to hold its’ head up in public again. What the heck, it’s an Old Truck, have fun with it!
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