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Thread: Willys Truck Front PTO Winch Drive Line

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    I am only wanting to do this right, but the pictures shown in the last response are for axle drivelines and rear pto drivelines. My picture was for the two part rear pto driveline for the truck. I am looking for a PTO driveline that will operate the front winch to a Willys truck. The attached photos show what I'm looking for. Thanks.

    Dodge front PTO Driveline.jpg

    Winch Driveline.jpg

    Another Didge Truck PTO front driveline.jpg
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    The first shafts you have pictured were also the type used on the Willys front and rear for some dealer and factory installed PTO's. The application changes the type of shafts required when equipment was installed. If the shaft is used to drive high power high RPM, or high torque low RPM or both, and the total length, that determines how the shaft is made. You need to apply your specific application to the specification capabilities of the components you are going to use.

    The shaft you have pictured here is a solid P.T.O. shaft that can only be used in a low RPM situation. It appears to have standard Spicer solid shafting PTO driveshaft components. I do not know what MAX RPM your winch will operate at, but the shaft needs to be fabricated accordingly. If that is the original driveshaft, as long as it is correct for the application you are putting it in (Max HP and Speed required) it will be fine. Just remember if you are changing speeds and power, the driveshaft may need to be re-designed.

    Your very best bet here is to run your application (Speeds, Ratios and Horsepower) past a shop that specializes in Power Take Off's like Fort Wayne Clutch & Driveline. They will fabricate a shaft that will keep everything running smoothly.
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    Thanks, this makes sense. The pictures are not mine, I do not have the front pto drive shaft. I am looing for examples of what the front pto drive shaft was like originally to connect to the winch, in hopes of finding one or making one similar. My desire is to outfit the Willys truck with the rear pto belt drive pulley, and the front pto winch. I will probably never use either for any real application, it's for display purpose only. If the winch is to be used for some practical purpose at some time I expect it would be used at engine idle or low rpm and in first gear only.

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    The folks over at FarmJeep have compiled some info sources that may help you in getting to the bottom of what drive shaft you need;

    Depending on who manufactured the winch, determines what style of drive shaft was used.
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    Thanks. There appears to be a lot of information for the CJ's, but very little for the trucks. I know the PTO for the CJ's is different than the one for the trucks, I guess the angle of the drive shaft and the clearance is different.

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    I think I finally have a picture of what I need, see attached. Thanks to all for your help.


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    After three months of searching, I now have all the parts to outfit my Willys truck with both the front PTO winch and the rear PTO belt drive, see attached. Thanks to Dr. Matt in MN for the Koenig Model 100 winch and the rear two piece drive shaft, Jeff in OR for the front PTO drive shaft, Mike in CA for the Koenig twin stick Model 40 PTO, Ted in CT for the rear PTO gear box, and Matt in PA for the belt drive pulley.

    Willys Truck PTO 2.JPG
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