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Thread: irritating front left squeak.

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    irritating front left squeak.

    I've got a squeak coming from the front left hub area. It doesn't immediately start to squeak, but about 10mins into running, it squeaks. I've torn down the left front end to the brakes and can't seem to find the wear. Bearings look almost new with clean grease. I did notice the previous ownership didn't have the correct socket, so they used a screwdriver to "torque" it down. I don't have the correct socket either.......yet. I have not checked the level inside the knuckle either. Squeak goes away with a little right turn of the wheel. I'm tired of only going right and keep missing the turn to my house. Anyone else have this issue or have any recommendations?

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    Does this squeak make sound in time with wheel rotation? Like Squeak squeak squeak once or twice every time the wheel turns, and when you turn the steering wheel it goes away?

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