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Thread: 226 Super Hurricane Distributor Adapter, 1963 Station Wagon

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    226 Super Hurricane Distributor Adapter, 1963 Station Wagon

    I am in the process of rebuilding my 226 Super Hurricane in a '63 Station Wagon. There area couple casted parts that are difficult to find such as the distributor bracket and the thermostat housing. Can anyone send me in the right direction where I can buy these parts without speaking to my loan officer first?

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    Dont thing anyone has these as after market items. Ebay or market place might be your best bet. I might have both available soon.

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    Looks like no one ever responded to this one SW! I didn't see this post till just now. Every now and then a post slips through.
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    Welcome SirWinston.

    You can try some of the following sources;

    You can also try some of the forums like this platform, Facebook groups, or even Willys for Sale on Kaiser Willys home page.
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