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Thread: My first vehicle! 1956 CJ5

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    Work has been kind of slow on flossy, between being bummed out about the oil leak and being busy working. I haven't got a lot of time in the harage. However I did get a cb radio installed, with a 4 foot firestick on a spring mount. I think someday it would be cool to get a full 102" whip, but what I have will work for know. I also installed some seatbelts, any offroad park around requires them and I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea anyways. I changed front differential oil and filled the knuckles, now the u joints don't click anymore! Then I put some rear main sealer in it and drove for a pretty good distance, it w as still dripping from the bellhousing, but it's not as bad as last week. So I think it will make it through Bantam I'll just pack some extra oil.

    I still can't get over how much better it rides now. It actually has some get-up-and-go I drove around some backwoods and was planning on staying around 30mph but without any throttle input, next thing I know I look down and were going 40, it actually moves pretty good considering. After the drive I took a infrared thermometer tk it and the upper water neck was 160 degrees and the coolant at the top off the rad was 130 degrees. I could still hold onto the radiator.

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    Work and life has a tendency to steal time away from projects. It happens. Yesterday was the first day that the Heep has seen daylight in a long time, awaiting the starter and generator to come back, etc. etc. etc.

    New shock mounts and shocks definitely help out in the ride quality for sure. A Willys will run better the more it is run. When you get the oil bleeding repaired, you'll be driving Flossy everywhere!

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    Drive it and enjoy it 56'! When you are ready go after that seal. Until then keep some oil handy and the RPM's low.

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