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Thread: Solid state electronic ignition

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    Solid state electronic ignition

    I have heard somewhere in the community that many guys have had a problem with these COMPLETE SOLID STATE ELECTRONIC IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR 12 VOLT
    FITS 54-64 JEEP & WILLYS WITH 6-226 ENGINE, I think my original distributor has served its purpose for 63 years, old and worn out. I would like to go with this electronic distributor. Its at a high dollar item for me being Canadian, 35% exchange rate on the dollar. So I guess my question is will I have any foreseen problems installing this electronic distributor? Thanks

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    SW, I am not real fond of the imported distributor. I did purchase two of them from two different suppliers. They both appear to be made by the same manufacture. There have been persons who have had trouble with them. I did send them both back. I ended up rebuilding my original with components from various suppliers, and converted it to a Pertronix electronic ignition I was not comfortable with the "look" and the origin of the manufacture of the aftermarket distributor.

    You could try one or, rebuild your original. If you don't want to do it yourself, you could call or contact They can rebuild the old one for you or, I am pretty sure they can convert it for you to an electronic if you want someone to restore it for you.
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