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Thread: CJ3A Direct Short Battery to Block: Ignition Issues

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    You are not the first to have trouble with that distributor. They are all made by the same company in China. I think I pointed out the manufacturer in a prior post somewhere. If you look at some of the reviews on different sites you will see trouble lurks.

    Edit: I found the other post,

    "The distributor is made by Transpolo, LTD out of Taiwan. I was unable to get any specifications to help with troubleshooting the module inside the distributor. I don't think its needed however. If you have 10 or more volts at the positive terminal of the coil when the engine is cranking, it should produce a spark if everything else is in order (Cap, Rotor, Wires and plugs). Your voltage checks indicate everything is correct in the wiring."

    Amazon reviews for instance:

    Anyway, it does appear you received a few bad parts in a row. I have the PerTronix in mine.

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