Got a question for you boys, finally getting around to resurrecting my 48 CJ-2a which I have had since my Grandfather passed it down to me in 1962, learned to drive in that old girl and was the only one that could take it apart and put it back together again with no extra parts left over, would like to pass it down to my son some day and want to do it while I still have time. About 30 years ago I did the motor and pickled it and put the old girl in a shed at my brothers farm and kind of forgot her. This past fall I decided it was time so turned her over with the hand crank to make sure the motor was free, trickled some automatic transmission fluid into each cylinder and headed off to work for a month. Got home and cranked it over a few times with the hand crank to make sure everything was moving, put the battery in , half gallon of fuel in the tank and hit the starter and after a prime and a hand choke over the carb she fired right up, 35 lb oil pressure and running like a sewing machine. So that was when I decided the time was right. Have been rounding up the required parts to overhaul the brake system and other odds and ends and am ready to pull the body off and this brings me to my question. HOW DO YOU GET THE KNOBS ON THE GEAR SHIFT AND TRANSFER CASE LEVERS off without busting them, after all there is only 75 years worth of rust holding them on. I know somebody out there has a trick to handle it. Thanks Ken