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Thread: Repairing CJ Spring Hangers

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    Suspension help.

    So on my 56 the pivot eye pulled out of the frame bracket. (pics attached) KW website says that for 56 i need a pivot eye c shape shackles# 802061. Vintage jeep parts has regular shackles they say fit 55-71. KW says those regular shackles # 916646 didnt start untill 58. Is there any real difference? And is one better than they other? Also the bracket on the frame that the pivot eye bolts to. KW has one that says unthreaded. But i cant find threaded ones. Are threaded for the pivot eye and non threaded for shackle?
    I'm not exactly being super smart for this bumb in the road so any explanation on what parts i need would be great. I've never had to do anything with this style of C shackle before. So i'm kinda lost...
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    The spring hanger itself is worn beyond serviceability, because the eyelet has been eaten through on the top, as seen in your first photo. The sides of the hanger is worn out of round on both sides from the shackle being driven around for a long time loose, or repaired previously incorrectly. Not to worry, this isn't a huge deal to fix, and to answer your question, you can use the later closed shackles, as long as you use the correct bushings in the hanger and spring. You can do one of three different fixes;

    Replace the spring hanger completely:

    Retain your current spring hanger and cut out the remainder of the sleeve, and go with the heavier duty closed shackle:

    Or, if you want the look of the original 'C' shackle but want a bit more durability, go with the M38A1 shackle:

    I personally would go with the M38A1 style, because I like the originality of the 'C' shackle because they are greaseable for a longer life of the repair. The downside to this for your application, is that you would have to replace the eyelet with the threaded bushing.

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