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Thread: Very Early CJ 2

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    Very Early CJ 2

    I have attached several photos of a Very Early CJ 2 a friend of mine is restoring - he calls it a VE CJ 2.

    It is interesting due to several details - note the indentations on the tub for the pioneer tools (axe and shovel).

    None of the photos show the most interesting feature - the gearshift is a three on the tree (like my '48 truck). This may well be considered to be a CJ 2, not a CJ 2A.

    According to his story the transmissions for these early CJ's were left overs from Willys automobiles that did not get built at the start of WW II. Has anyone heard this account?

    It is an interesting vehicle - we have had to build gear shift parts from drawings we found in various archives. ( I got bitten by the sideways photo bug .. )
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    Wow an old 2A and a nice looking restore job going on there!

    The repair and service manuals from Willys and Borg Warner indicate the CJ-2A prior to serial number 38221 were equipped with a "Remote Control Shifter" positioned on the column.

    And I got bit by the sideways bug!!
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    Very nice example of the VEC J2A. As Bmorgil was saying, 2As prior to 38221 were in fact equipped with the remote shifter. Some accounts were that the shifters were hold overs from the car division, and others were to free up floor space for accessories. I would lean towards the first, since Willys never threw anything out.

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    Very nice restore project. Maybe one of these days I will strip the Hot Mess down and make her look as sweet.

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