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Thread: Mile marker 481 hubs on Dana 25 axle with threaded ends

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    Mile marker 481 hubs on Dana 25 axle with threaded ends

    I put a set of mile marker hubs on over the weekend bought on Amazon ( and the nut didnt fit inside the cap on the hub so I turned it down on the lathe and they fit just fine.

    Just posting because I have read many places that newer hubs donít fit and they donít unless you have a lathe and 10 minutes!
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    Nice work! Great tip for everyone wishing to use the Mile Marker Hub. There is nothing like having a 3 Jaw lathe and the knowledge to use it, to bang out a fast project like that. You saved yourself some cash there. Good machine shops that can take on an odd job in a reasonable time are getting to be few and far between.

    On the early CJ's the "CV" style shaft was retained by a nut and lock washer instead of a snap ring and it was shimmed for proper end play. Early in the CJ3A the design was changed to "float" in the hub and no shimming was required. If using the Spicer style joints and shafts you really don't even need any retention at the hub, not even the snap ring. The shaft floats against the bushing in the hub and the cross pin in the differential.
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