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Thread: Ham's '48 - The Christmas Truck - Tastefully Tacky!

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    Ham's '48 - The Christmas Truck - Tastefully Tacky!

    Last night was the annual Light Parade in New Haven, IN. After seeing GMWillys and his heep several years ago, I was inspired - with some encouragement from my long-suffering wife - to be in the light parade.

    It is a typical small town parade with HizOnner the Mayor, the EMS Chief, horses, walking people , ladies in power chairs tossing out candies, a 1928 Studebaker Fire Engine and a Jeep Contingent decked out for the holiday festivities.

    When I arrived at the staging area, there were already several Jeeps there. One lady commented; "We can start now - Great Grandpa is here (the '48 - not me!).

    It was cold - about 28 degrees, but the GOAT heater worked almost too well - it had to go to low fan.

    The '48 led the Jeep contingent - and we had a great time.

    There were no prizes as such, but "Nice Truck" and "Look at the Christmas Tree in the back of that truck" were awards enough. (The tree was a Big Lots 9-foot tall close-out special with 450 dancing LED lights - wonderfully tacky) The truck was outlined with six 20-foot light strings - probably 600 lights) powered by a Horrible Freight 750-watt inverter. Next year I need a bigger battery and LED net lights for the hood - this gets addicting!

    BUT - that's what Old Jeeps are for - doing the fun things they never had time to do when they were young.

    One of these days I will post the Thanksgiving 1971 story - back when the truck had to do distasteful jobs on occasion.

    I hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you a Merry Christmas Season. Be careful.

    Late Entry: A picture from a Facebook page
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