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Thread: Rear axel pinion seal installation

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    Rear axel pinion seal installation

    1954 Wagon..Hey folks! I am replacing the rear pinion seal as it was leaking on this Dana 44. Before I install it, is there anything else to replace or need to know other than torque it to 200-220ft lbs. Doesnt look like anything that I can see other than put it back together, wasnt sure if the big washer behind the seal was okay to reuse? I have no plans on bearing replacement now, just the seal. Asking because sometimes there are washers that should be replaced...Thanks!

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    Dr. Dana will be along to give the best advice, but in my experience as long as you do not have unnatural pinion movement from a worn-out bushing, you should have no problems just replacing the pinion seal.

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    As gm said, it should be pretty straight forward. If the yoke is still on, it should be on fairly tight. It is a press fit. You should need some form of puller to get the yoke off. If it comes off without any press fit, it should be replaced. A pinion yoke needs to be a press fit. Check the yoke seal surface for wear and repair it with a wear sleeve if necessary. Use the old nut to pull the yoke on, and a new nut for the final torque. The washer can be reused.
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