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Thread: Can you identify this "clutch Release Bearing"?

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    Can you identify this "clutch Release Bearing"?

    I purchased a 1946 CJ2A. It had/has a 1957 Chevrolet 283 cu. in. V8 that had not been run in over twenty years, mated to a T-90 transmission. I have since completely rebuilt the engine, and gone through the trans/transfer case, but am, having a hard time finding the correct clutch release bearing. The bearing I removed was missing part of the outer rim, and a lot of the part number is missing. The only remaining numbers were: "GO-1697 (THE REST WERE MISSING). Opposite this number on the bearing were the letters "BCA".

    The beartings I have been receiving have been half the size of this bad bearing, and with the clutch fork and bearing installed on the transmission shaft, through the
    chevrolet bell housing, the FORK throw is less than one inch. It does not move the bearing enough to engage the clutch. I wish I knew how to transfer pictures onto this forum, so I could show the actual bad bearing.

    Anyway, if any of you folks know the correct rerlease bearing, for this bastardized conversion, I would sure appreciate the help. Thank you.

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    A few pictures would definitely help. See if this link helps on the posting of them.

    The "1697" bearing is a standard throw out bearing used in very early Chevrolet's and most GM's up to the 70's and well beyond. I have gone through a few of those! They can still be purchased as a NB1697C.

    Usually it is the stock throw out bearing used when adapting the T90 transmission. Typically there is a modified front bearing retainer that the stock throw out bearing rides on. Some pictures of the adapter kit and the front transmission bearing retainer will help. gmwillys and TJones have a lot of experience adapting different engines to the T90. They will jump in here with some help.
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    I bet if you called Novak Conversions in Utah at 877-602-1500 and explained what you have they will tell you what you need.
    Their website is
    They have any and every combination of engine, tranny and transfer case combo you can think of.
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