Happy to report my rebuilt engine runs great, my attempt tom rebuild my trans was not so great
After hearing some nasty sounding noises coming from my trans, I pulled it out and it was a mess
The trans was hard to shift into second and third, I assume I had some issues with the assemble of the synchroniser, I found it impossible to move by hand but what really hit me was the bent, bits and pieces of needle bearings from the countershaft cluster gears. They were everywhere and fine pieces of metal. The thrust washer was destroyed and if there was a spacer, I cant find it
The case is ruined, the area of the case, a boss area 3/4 of it was ground away. What could possible cause this? I assembled all those needle bearings carefully, used a dummy shaft and assemble grease
Luckily I have another case from a CJ3. I put a new 2nd gear, new bearings and synchros in this trans and I was hoping to reuse them
I have to find out the mistake im making