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Thread: 51 Jeepster revival...

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    51 Jeepster revival...

    Just bought a 51 Jeepster a little while back. The Jeepster is on casters as she is not sure-footed enough to be on her own wheels yet. It had not been running for about 4 years, so a lot of gremlins have taken up residence in the usual places.

    Just bought a slog of parts with the focus on getting it to run, then the safety items and then on to reliability issues.

    Right now I am in the discovery mode - sort of peeling the onion.

    New to Jeepsters, so anticipate a lot of dumb questions...



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    Hello Jeff! I just ran across your post. For some reason it was not showing up. It should be good now. I love those Jeepsters, they are so rare. Nice looking car there! Shoot us some more pictures. There are no dumb questions.

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    Jeff: Does this one have the F 134 four, or the L 161 six? Also, the Jeepster Club has many well informed folks that would be happy to respond to questions:

    IMG_2530.jpg IMG_3042.jpg IMG_3606.jpg
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    Welcome JFads! Our apologies for not seeing your post sooner.

    Around here there is no such thing as a dumb question, so please feel free to ask.

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