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Thread: Wheeler Dealers

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    Wheeler Dealers

    Anyone see the Wheeler Dealers episode on the Willys Jeep?

    There's a whole host of possible topics to discuss about that one. I've got a couple of questions about supplies they mention, though.

    First, I'm looking for the supply place they went to, and I've called Surplus City Jeep and J&W Auto Wreckers, but neither place knew anything about it.

    Second, they mention weldable primer paint, but I've been having issues finding some. Any recommendations?

    Finally, where the hell did they find floor panels for $130!?


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    Hey J, I saw that episode as well. They picked up a pretty nice jeep for a good deal I think. I'll have to rewatch the episode to see about the suppliers. Its funny you asked about weldable primer as I just spent last night going from shop to shop looking for some and all I got was wierd looks. Its funny because Orielly's has it on their website but says to check with the store. When I went to two separate stores all I got was the wierd looks again. So Orielly's sells it but you may have to order it. I did some research and weldable primer is about the same as cold galvanized primer. They both contain high zinc content which allows the current to pass through. You should be able to get cold galvanized primer at any shop. I got it at my local Ace hardware store. Lastly, I would imagine, because I have never looked it up, that floor pans vary in price due to manufacturer, type of metal, thickness of metal, etc. I am guessing that they probably found a cheap manufacturer with really thin guage metal which is what I would probably use if I was just turning a car for a profit. Not saying thats what they did but could be. They may also get a bargain due to the free publicity from the show. Who knows. Good luck and if you happen to find the suppliers they used on the show you should post here.

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