Has anybody here every had to replace or fix their window regulator? (I'm in a '48 Stationwagon)
Also the tin(?) and felt tracks for glass in upper door came loose then accordian'ed up from window binding dislodging them -- noway to fix once they're bent up so will have to replace. (They're the kinky metal inserts with felt lining in the window track). I'm guessing and hoping this was a pretty universal part back then so other car makes may share same track material. Anybody know a source for this part? Any referrals of someone to ask?

At cursory glance, the window regulator itself appears very delicate and somewhat welded together so if broken that part may be very hard to fix or replace as well. No one else I've asked seems to have a clue how to fix these window components.

Even if someone has serviced of messed around with either of the tracks or regulator it would be interesting to read your knowledge about them.