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Thread: First CJ 5 1956 F 134 - love at first sight.....

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    Smile First CJ 5 1956 F 134 - love at first sight.....

    .....then I saw the rust. Basically the back end body, tailgate, bumper are rusted to chunk and powder.

    My plan is to replace rear bumper, tailgate, grind out rust spots on body then treat with rust reformer, prime, bondo, prime and paint.

    Have provided pics for your entertainment, in case no one has made you laugh hystericaly yet today. Yes, you are welcome.

    So, underneath everything but the tail end looks great. All of the frame, driveshafts, tranny, x-fer case, diffs....I have ordered the suspension kit 4x kit and new bumper (and they should be waiting for me when I get home). After seeing what I saw in my feeble attempt to remove the OLD bumper, I am afraid. But only a little. The thing runs great, new carb, spark plugs, wires, points, condenser, distro cap, fuel filter, battery, it all works. Starts a little hard, but so do I, really now, it's only 2 years older'n me!) I could take it out and drive it on the street if I had the tags (that's never stopped me before, but somehow age has a way of making one a little more cautious).

    I plan to clean up and paint some of the grime, engine part covers, oil pan, etc., replace old crudded up wires, general spiff up job.

    I'm looking for some advice from folks who have done this before. I'm not looking to restore my new toy to it's original glory, but do want it to be safe, nice looking and operate as it should. Tooling around town tieing up traffic, climbing hills and ridges, crossing the occaisional small creek etc.

    Am I approaching this from the proper perspective? I figure I have to get it out on the road to see what all makes bad noises, doesn't work etc.

    Suggestions, advice, ideas, bags of money, all are happily accepted. It's my first "real" toy since my go-kart when I was 12, which taught me a lot about small engines. I don't want to screw anything up, but want it to drive and look better.

    I started the pics from the back, as it looks after my feeble attempt at bumper removal last evening. How do you like the pink on the last pic? Maybe all over with clear laquer and a blue roll bar?

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