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Thread: horn button question

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    horn button question

    Im trying to install a horn on my 48, CJ2A, it has a horn button allready in the center of of steering wheel,steering column is just a hollow tube with signalstat external turn signal controller, there is a wire [ ground] going down the inside of steering column but this wire is cut off at a couple of inches down into the column [tube]. the steering wheel makes allmost 2 full revolutions from stop to stop, so if I run the wire out the bottom of column it will wind around the steering shaft where it comes out at the bottom in the engine compartment. I could probably put enough slack in the wire to allow for this,but that doe'snt seem like the way to do it, I also have an external horn button I could install on the outside of the column or on the dash, but it has a horn button already installed in steering wheel, so it seems like there should be a way to use it, I just have'nt figured it out yet. any suggestions, thanks

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    The wire inside the column just completes the ground to the horn..the other of two terminals on the horn is hot at all times....if your wire in the column is too short, just add to it and use a butt connector to join the wires together...have at least enough wire coming out of the lower end of the column to reach the ground terminal on the horn....the wire should not be between the steering shaft and the goes inside the hole within the steering shaft( it's rifle drilled) and comes out the bottom of the steering box...your horn wire is FUBAR.
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