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Thread: Cj6 rhd.

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    Cj6 rhd.

    G'day All
    I am from Avoca a small country town in the state of Victoria in Australia.
    I own a 1960 CJ6 that has had a full restoration, and is within weeks of being sent for a "roadworthy" certificate then it can be road registered. A 3 year project of love and fun. Some very frustrating moments, but each step very satisfying to complete. The degree of difficulty would have been much harder without Mike and the team at Kaiser Willys. Photos to come and a full restoration story sent when it is driving on our roads.

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    Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia.
    good luck with the rego mate.
    i am keen to see your photos, bet your itchin to go for a drive.

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    Also would love to see the photos.

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