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Thread: 1946 or 1947 wireing diagram

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    1946 or 1947 wireing diagram

    Hi guys( or and girls)
    I'm new to the site and I'm trying to find all ove the info I can on a 1946 or 1947 Willys truck...I'll try to make the story short...A friend cleaned out a hollow on his land and came across a coupleof old vehicles... One was this one and he gave it to me...It's been under my barn for at least 10 years... I wold like to get it running back to original form ( just to ride in parades and show off Of corse it has a 4cyl...(plugs on top)...split winshield.. I think originally it was a 6 volt electrical system..Would anyone know how I might be able to download a wireing diagram for this baby? I have a lot of other question but I better consentrate on one thing at a I'm certainly not a great mechanic but the more I read and learn from those who are I can usually get things done...Hope someone can walk me thru this.
    PS. I forgot!... THe man who gave it to me said he has no idea who it belonged to... He can't remember any family member having it... I don't think they issued titles in 1947 but I'd like to show some sort of ownership before I put any money into it...Am I looking at an uphill battle?.. Any help would be appreciated...Pete

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    Hi, I believe this is a Willys Truck wiring diagram. Scan 4.jpg Scan 6.jpg I hope this helps! I would go talk to your local DMV about what can be done on the Title.

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