I'm new to this vintage Jeep thing. I've been around Jeep a lot and have owned a 1980 CJ-7 and a 2009 Unlimited. A friend of mine just gave me his WWII Ford GPW and it needs a TON of help. The owner before him had planned to make it a rock crawler and did a lot of mods to it that, in my opinion, didn't respect the history behind the vehicle.

About 85% of the body has bondo on it with some of it up to 3/8" thick. The side steps have been replaced. The rear of the tub was cut out and replaced with diamond tread steel plate. The tool indentions have been filled with bondo. The steering column has been replaced (another issue in itself). The seats in it were HUGE and out of scale. The roll bar was homemade and you could tell. The fuel tank was bolted where the back seat should've been with a heavy steel plate wedged on top of it. Etc, Etc, Etc......................

So, I'm not one to do a lot of rock crawling. However, I WOULD like to see this vehicle with some of its original glory returned. So, I'm stripping the bondo and I've already removed the gas tank, plate, roll bar and seats. Now, I'll have to take the tub off the frame to get a better idea of what I have underneath.

I'm going to have a ton of questions and thoughts. I'll need your help.