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Thread: 47 Willys with a 6 cylinder?

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    47 Willys with a 6 cylinder?

    Very new at this folks, but I need some help.

    This is my second post of many to come as I am beginning my new project!

    Here's my issue......... I just bought a Jeep in a near by city that has been sitting in a backyard for 22 years. It was complete and covered, but still needs everything. Here is the wierd thing, everywhere I look at information says that all 1947 Willys Jeeps had a 4 cylinder engine. Mine has a 6 cylinder (flathead) and looks like an original placement? You would suspect that someone simply changed it out, however, the title states that the number of cylinders is "6" also! What am I not understanding?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this! Curtis

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    My guess is you need to match serial numbers to insure you indeed have a next guess is the title may not match the jeep,either it's a title for something else or someone lost the original and filed for a lost title.If your jeep is indeed a 2a, it will have come with the 134-l flathead 4.hope it works out for ya!

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    What kind of Willys is it...CJ2A, Pickup, Wagon etc? In 1948 the straight 6 was introduced. Oldwillys is also right about the title. Back in the day it was the norm to title the vehicle in the year it was sold not made however this wouldnt fit your situation as it is opposite. Likely it is incorrectly titled. You can verify the serial/vin number to the year produced and come up with a likely answer. Good luck.

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