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Thread: Willys 6-230 flatbed pickup

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    Willys 6-230 flatbed pickup

    Hi all

    I was on a farm up the road a few weeks ago to repair a cattle crush and on the way in I noticed a Jeep Truck sitting under a tree.

    So my neighbor and I went over and took a closer look and lifted the hood to find it was a 6-230 in pretty good nick.

    My neighbor said that it belonged to his cousin, so I asked him to find out if he would sell it.
    I was able to pick it up for $500 AUD.

    We got it home and checked the oil and put a new battery in and the damned thing started, turns out it was parked under that tree over 30 years ago
    and the battery was taken out and put in the farm tractor and the car was never used again.

    My neighbor remembers learning to drive in it.I am trying to work out, should I do a ground up resto or Rod the thing as it would look like a beast.
    The wife is insisting that it be restored as it has a lot of history in our area.
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    Nice find. If its all original I would restore. If not rebuild into something useful for you guys.

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    g`day gomond.

    great find. looks to be in good shape. you could always clean the windows and get it regoed. cruise around with the moss still on it.

    what part of Australia do you live. there are a couple of other aussies on here with 6-230 flat beds in the proccess of restoration.

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    A good find Gomond

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