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Thread: Solex Carburetor Tips and Info:

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    Solex Carburetor Tips and Info:

    Here is some good information from the CJ-3B Page that has tips, advice and info on the Solex Carburetor.
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    Does anyone have tips for the Solex on an M38A1?

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    chawgleg, it would be the same information AmyB has sent a link for. There is also some information here in various posts. Search this site for Solex. In general I will go out on a limb here and say, I think before you sink resources into a Solex, try to find a Carter.

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    Solex Carburetors on F-134 engine

    Quote Originally Posted by chawgleg22 View Post
    Does anyone have tips for the Solex on an M38A1?
    There have been a lot of comments from folks who had Solex carbs on the F-134 engines concerning fuel economy, mixture and overall performance issues. After a lot of fooling around, the best fix in many cases turned out to be a Carter to replace the Solex.

    One contributor said the best way to fix a Solex was to throw it as far out the shop door as you could, then go find where it landed, dig a hole, bury it and then forget where the hole was. This might be a bit extreme, but Solex just does not have a good rep with M38A1's or other F-134 engines. There is a reason they cost a lot less ..... .

    But, your results may vary.

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