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    New to the forum

    Hello everyone, I have been looking through this forum for a week or two. I am some what new to the older Jeeps. I owned a 1984 CJ7 in the 80's and loved it. Then came the family, kids etc. So this year I decide to make a large purchase and get back into a Jeep, of course it was a brand new 2013. I thought I would ease my wife into the Jeep idea so a new one she would like. My plan worked, she loves our new Jeep. I placed an order factory direct through a dealer for my 2013 Wrangler 10th Anniversary Rubicon, 2door. It's an awesome Jeep and we can take it on long trips which we only use it on weekends for fun so it will not get much mileage.

    Now for the reason I am here, I have the Jeep fever big time, so now it's time to get my antique Jeep. I started looking a couple weeks ago and met a great Jeep guy out of Lancaster PA. I am interested in getting a CJ2 or CJ3. Looking for something not restored in good enough shape to be road ready and slowly start to work on. It looks like there are a good bit out there. I see some CJ5 out there too so maybe go that way. I am going to take my time and hope to find a nice one. I like stock vehicles so I want something that would be stock. Out of the CJ2, CJ3 and CJ5 are there any worth more over all? Are all pretty mechanical sound? I am located in Maryland so I need to confirm I can get antique or classic tags.

    Any way, good luck to everyone and thanks for all the great info on this forum. Take care, Frank

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    Welcome Frank, I'm a new member also. this is my own opinion, since you have already owned 2 curved fender's why not go to a flat fender. A CJ-3A will give you a better windshield than a 2A. They are both basically the same Jeep except for the windshield. I've owned in order 48--2A 75-- CJ-5 71--CJ-5 and 3--- M-38's and I like the flat fender's better. No matter what you get when you are looking for an older Jeep be prepared to do a complete brake job and replacing oil seals and put a steering stabilizer on it. A flat fender if you want to upgrade the drivetrain a good easy conversion is 1968 to 1971 V-6 CJ-5. The frame rails are the same width and the V-6 motor frame mounts weld right into place , axles bolt up and you have the T-14 trans with up graded brakes . Change out the transfer shift rails and you have a 2 lever instead of the 1
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