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    New Guy from Middle East

    Dear Forum,

    my name is Mehdi and i registered with this forum in the hope of finding information and experience of the other members.

    I live in the United Arab Emirates and love vintage military cars.

    Previously i owned a 1979 Landrover Series III Stage One V8 Station Waggon and my attention has been now drawn to the Willy Jeep.

    For several weeks i have been reading different forums to learn more about the vehicle and its history.

    I have been offered a Willy Jeep for purchase and this is as well the reason why i registered here.

    Prior to buying the car i would like to ask the experienced members for what i have to watch out in order to assess the quality of the jeep and to evaluate a possible correct price.

    Right now the owner wants USD 8500,-

    I have attached for you some pictures of the jeep.

    Please let me know which other information is important to assess its value and quality.

    The seller informed me that it is a 1963 model, which i cautiously doubt. - By what i could compare with other pictures online.

    Further he has no history of the car or its restauration, since he only bought it himself 2 years ago in the condition it is right now.

    He informed me that the jeep has no longer its original motor/engine. I am not sure how much that would devalue the jeep, if at all.

    For what do i have to look out at a test drive?

    Where are the weak points for rust or material fatigue?

    How can i assess the condition of the clutch and gearbox as well as the brakes?

    Please have a look at the windshield in the picture, i cant see any vents, nor did i ever come across any other Willy in the internet where the windshield looks the same. I believe the glass is the right size and the hinges are correct but i did not find anything looking like mine below the glass where it seems that a panel has been fixed.

    I truly apologize for asking so many questions, not only am i a novice to Willy Jeeps but to motor vehicles as well.

    Its my interest to learn step by step and even to try to do some work on the jeep myself, just to start a new hobby.

    I really do appreciate all your favorable feedback!

    Best regards from the desert,

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