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Thread: 1949 Willys SW 4x463 owners.

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    1949 Willys SW 4x463 owners.

    Need your help. I'm trying to solve the theft of my engine and drive train.

    I went over to where I believe my engine and drive train is now located and recorded this stamped engine number from the block #122855 of that engine ( I could not read if there were other digits ahead of these digits because of a fabricated bracket holding the oil filter in place obstructs the view).This is the engine casing number #804380-W-13-D-P5-CU CR.

    I strongly believe (just looking at it, spark plugs that I installed-Autolite 306, green paint on oil filler tube, etc......) that this fella has my engine under the hood of his old CJ2A. However, I need to be able to connect the numbers off that engine (#122855) to a original installed 1949 Willys SW 4x463.

    This same fella had my 1948 Willys SW 2x463, that went missing from the farmstead, sitting behind his shed.
    He's willing to return it, but claims he has no knowledge of the missing engine and drive train from the 1949.
    If I can connect the dots, I strongly believe his memory will return.

    Can you tell me if this engine (#122855) came out of a 1949 Willys SW 4x463?

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Randall Thomas Vonleuthardt
    28325 Cty Rd 10
    Ashby, MN 56309

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    i can not help with your numbers but hope you get your gear back and sort out the scumbag that took it.

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    Try this site. It may not have exactly what you are looking for but may help provide you some info to help you get the result you want. Good luck.

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    OK, will do Thanks again.GS
    We will be remembered by the vapor trails we leave

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