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Thread: Fuel Pump Issue

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    Fuel Pump Issue

    I have a '52 M38 that had the carb and fuel filter replaced in the last year. The carb does need miner tweaking on the intake, but it has been running better than ever. The last time I was in tweaking the intake screw, I noticed the glass bowl was a little loose. I wiped off the gasket and bowl, and screwed it all back together. Everything ran fine that day. Now, when I go to start, there is no fuel coming in to the fuel filter, and I can't get it started. I didn't fiddle with the fuel pump that much, just wiped the bowl and gasket and tightened it all back on. I've tried recreating those steps but still can't get any fuel in to the filter and still can't get it started. Not sure if I need a new fuel pump? I've read it could be a pressure issue but I don't have a gauge to check... Any ideas?

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    Can you prime the carb and bowl?

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