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Thread: What annoyances do you have with the Jeep Renegade? any views?

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    What annoyances do you have with the Jeep Renegade? any views?

    New cars, new technologies, and new features. What works for you and what annoys you? Let's get down to our Renegades.

    1) USB charging ports everywhere.
    2) Cigarette ports everywhere. These are charging ports now.
    3) DC to AC power converters.
    4) Auto rear wiper activation when reverse with the front wipers on.
    5) Headlights brightens in the direction you are turning.

    1) Cannot drive with the door open. I like to maneuver with the door open to check edges and make little adjustments when positioning the car to be worked on. The Renegade will engage the electronic ebrake and that will disable your gas pedal from giving commands to the drivetrain. The engine will rev, but the car won't move. Does this mean no burnouts?

    2) Cannot engage 4Low in park. I don't know the reason, but why can't it? More options helps in this case. It's simple, but it bugged me when I found this out. I know now to engage 4Low in drive and don't have to think about it.

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    New vehicles are nice. The technology that is incorporated into a new vehicle does make life much more comfortable. With that being said, do we really need all this convenience? It is nice to be able to plug in all the devices that we carry around, all at the same time, but do we really need it? I like my late model truck, don't get me wrong. 20 mpg, comfortable seats, good stereo, and room for all the family. But I don't look forward to the trip as I would with something with a lot of earned character.

    Remember the days of going for a Sunday drive, riding through the country side? The children in the back seat looked out the windows, seeing the country side. Summer vacations were spent looking through the free gas station road maps, figuring out the route as we went. No tablets, movies, or video games to bury themselves into. We as kids would keep watch for roadside attractions that we didn't have time to stop and see.

    Modern cars are designed to protect us from ourselves. Cars will not move with the door open, to prevent us from being run over by own car, when we forget to put them in park. The vehicle will stop when we are not paying attention to the stopped car in front of us. The vehicle can park itself, or even self drive, since we have forgotten how. And the best of all, the truck that can automatically back a trailer....

    It is nice to go back to the basics. To drive around in our open Jeep, no power anything, and no port to charge anything. The only thing to watch for, the other drivers who are not paying attention to what they are doing.
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