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Thread: Engine rebuilder

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    Engine rebuilder

    Just planning ahead. My CJ2A will get a complete teardown starting this fall or maybe earlier....The engine is already 60 over, if it need a rebore I want to sleeve it. Either way im having it rebuilt. Whose the most competent Willys engine rebuilder who would do my engine? Thanks

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    Steve, you want to look around your area for an automotive machine shop that that has been around for a while. A machine shop that also assembles the engine is a good way to go. You want to find one that is familiar with the Willys/Continental 134's. The engines were in a few things and most of the older shops will be familiar with them. If you just cant find one there are a few places you could ship it to. Shipping can get expensive however. I drive an hour and a half one way to my machinist. He is very good. He receives engines of all types from all over the world. There are a few high end shops in the USA that can do it for you. If you search the forum on this topic this has come up a few times. A few different solutions.
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